Who are we?

We are a team of dentists and dental hygienists with decades of experience caring for and improving dental health.

What is our mission?

To provide our readers with comprehensive information about whitening their teeth.

What are our values?

We have a set of key principles that aid us with our practice and will hopefully guide us in our quest to help our readers.


We believe that in our profession, compassion for our patients is vital. Likewise, we want the information that we post on Teeth Whitening Master to take into consideration the needs of our readers.


We will recommend products that are the best in the market and will suit your needs. Our product reviews are accurate and free of bias – be it the home remedies or over the counter treatments that are available in the market.

Excellence and Education

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our mission is to provide you with top quality and detailed research in the field of tooth whitening. We keep on honing our craft by constantly updating our skills with relevant and up to date knowledge. You can rest assured that the data that we provide is not only impartial, but is also relevant to the current times.